Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

One of the terrifying things that people try to avoid at all costs is to go in debt. If you’ve been struggling with financial difficulties lately, it’s best to consider filing for bankruptcy. If you’re noticing that the bills are starting to pile up, and you have no way of repaying them, filing for bankruptcy is something you need to consider.

Although most people think of it as an extreme measure, it may be your only way out of debt. In 2013, approximately 1 million Americans filed for bankruptcy. The main reason why most people don’t think of it as an option is that it negatively affects a person’s credit score. Experiencing financial difficulty requires the help of a reliable and trustworthy bankruptcy lawyer.

Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer


Bankruptcy should be taken very seriously. It’s something that wlawould directly affect your life so hiring a lawyer should always be well thought of. It is convenient to grab the phone book and locate the first lawyer you can find. You may even look for lawyers who charge the lowest rates.

However, that is not the best way to go about your search. It’s recommended to ask your closest friends and family if they know any bankruptcy lawyers. Attorneys know lawyers from different specializations so it’s also a great way to expand your selection.

Look at Expertise

It’s very important to set up a couple of face to face appointments with your potential lawyer. Most of them do not charge anything for the initial consultation. It is the best way for you to gauge whether or not he is the one you’re looking for. Ask him about his years of experience in the field.

It’s also helpful if you ask the total amount of bankruptcy cases he has handled in the past. A lawyer who is a member of a law organization which specializes in a specific niche means that they’ve received advanced training. This will be beneficial for your case.

LaLawyer feeswyer fees

Although you always need to stick within your budget, that shouldn’t be the main focus of your selection. If you come across a firm who is offering you a much lower rate compared to others in your area, you should think twice before accepting it. The lawyer could be inexperienced or unprofessional.

A good lawyer will be straightforward regarding the cost of their services. Most of them charge a fixed flat rate which usually includes filing fees, time in court as well as the total number of hours spent on your case.