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List Of Top Law Colleges In Mumbai (3)

List Of Top Law Colleges In Mumbai

If you want to practice law in your career, then it is inevitable that you have to undertake law-related courses. Inherently, Law-related courses are offered by registered law schools. If you are planning to earn a degree in the above field of study from India, then selecting the top law college is one of your concerns. Over a decade ago, there has been a significant growth of the best schools in Mumbai offering the best law courses. The good news is that this article unveils an important list of law colleges in Mumbai that you are advised to consider.

List of the best law colleges in Mumbai, India

List Of Top Law Colleges In Mumbai (1)#1. Government Law College, Mumbai

Government Law College, also known as GLC, is one of the oldest law colleges in Asia. Started in 1855, GLC is the highly reputed university renowned for its excellence in the field of legal education. GLC, which has a rich pedigree and heritage, is the repository of sophistication in the legal firmament and has had the privilege of tutelage and guidance under great legal luminaries such as Lokmanya Tilak, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Sir Motilala Setalvad (who was the first Attorney General of India), Justice Y.V Chandrachud, and many more. The students who got their law education for the GLC have distinguished themselves at the Judiciary, Bar, and the Academe.

#2. Jitendra Chauhan College of Law

Jitendra Chauhan College of Law, commonly known as JCCL, is one of the leading law colleges in Mumbai where the ideas of humanity, scholarly excellence, and leadership are embraced and celebrated. Founded over 38 years ago, the above institution has become one of the leading centers for legal education as well as research in matters related to law. The rich educational programs of JCCL have strived to create a talented and diverse pool of students to meet the ever-demanding challenges of legal careers.

#3. Kishinchand Chellaram Law College, Mumbai

As their motto goes, law is the king of kings,’ K.C. Law College, as it is popularly known, is one of the king colleges offering the best law programs. Established in 1955, the above college has the necessary the accreditation, among them is the approval by the Bar Council of India. The K.C Law College is the only institution in Mumbai that provides Clinical Legal Education in the form of mock trials, moot courts, client-counseling competitions, among others.

#4. Gopaldas Jhamatmal Advani Law College

Gopaldas Jhamatmal Advani Law College, also known as G.J Advani Law College, started back in 1977 and is among the few law colleges in Mumbai who is recognized by the Bar Council of India. The above institution is renowned for teaching a three-year degree course in Law or LL.B in short.

List Of Top Law Colleges In Mumbai (2)


The list of Law colleges in Mumbai is just endless. However, those mentioned above are among are top institutions offering the best legal programs. Therefore, if you want to become a renowned legal expert, then consider any of the above law colleges.