Career Options for Lawyers

Lawyers represent their clients in both criminal and civil trials. They may also offer advice to clients on how to go about legal matters. The duties of lawyers are diverse and don’t have to be confined in a courtroom. Lawyers may specialize in business law, personal injury, constitutional law, and intellectual property to criminal law. Here are some career options for lawyers:


People with good academic records in law can become teachers in law colleges. There are a lot of opportunities to do research work for those who have a Ph.D. For you to become a professor in a private university you need an entrance exam first and a degree in the law regarding the subject you want to teach.

Another requirement is a minimum of 10 years of experience teaching law in a recognized university or college. Being a law professor can be good at the beginning and the end of a career. This is a competitive job in most countries and states. Apart from being a full-time teacher, you can choose to be a part-time tutor.


Law graduates can also venture into journalism. A lawyer has the unique features of a good journalist. He or she has to be active, communicative and should be able to argue like a journalist. A legal journalist can do stories related to law. Their job is to specialize in reporting matters that deal with the law. Employment opportunities for a legal journalist can be in newspaper companies, magazines, blogs, law firms, news channels, etc.

An Individual can also choose to start their social media platforms or personal blogs. The salary of a legal journalist depends on the qualifications, work experience, and the kind of industry you work in. For one to become a legal journalist, you must have a valid degree of law from a recognized institution. The writing and oral skills of the candidate should be top.

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Policy Analyst

Businesses need people with good analytical and leadership nature. Lawyers are considered to be the best policymakers in business settings. Combining the understanding of research, analysis, and writing skills a lawyer is qualified to h help w policy advisor or analyst. Policy analysts usually advise politicians and businesses about the policies that impact them. They are also involved in evaluating the effects of proposed legislation.

They ensure that the new programs meet the goals of the organization. Policy analysts can also be used as consultants to stakeholders, they are considered as problem-solvers. The minimum requirement for becoming a policy analyst is a bachelor’s degree in law or international relations.

Conflict Resolution

Lawyers are used as mediators in most cases. They engage with each party either individually or privately then bring everyone to an agreement. Both parties plead their case and lawyers use their skills to resolve the differences than in a courtroom. Conflict resolution is a great career for someone who enjoys helping people to come to agreements.