Why should you hire a divorce attorney?

It is prudent for one going through a divorce to hire a divorce attorney. However, the courts allow you to go through the proceedings alone without a lawyer the downside of going to court without a lawyer is that you diminish your chances of winning the case. The chicago divorce lawyer represent their clients on all the legal divorce proceedings.

Some essential reasons why you should hire a divorce attorney

Expert advice is critical

law logoA divorce can leave one in debt and extreme situations bankrupt. Hiring an experienced attorney is one step to guaranteeing you of getting what is rightfully yours in divorce proceedings. The laws in the different states do not give an even sharing of the wealth created in a marriage, and it solely depends on the current situation of the couple. There are some instances where a spouse is entitled to the retirement benefits of the other spouse which they will receive in the future. Some divorce cases are complex in nature and have a lot of demands e.g. child support, debt, inheritance, substantial income, and assets, in such situations you cannot underestimate the value of an attorney who will ensure that you benefit from the divorce.

Reduce stress

Irrespective of the reason for the divorce, any divorce is a stressful situation. Therefore, having an attorney running through the paperwork lessens your burden. During the time of the divorce, it is important to have an attorney so that they are concerned with the legal work as you are involved with the well-being of the family and taking care of yourself!

Avoid mistakes

The legal system is fist and foremost very complicated. Also, having one going through a divorce makes one not think clearly about the legal issues it is, therefore, a risk to handle the case on your own. One can make a mistake in the divorce proceedings by not being factual about issues like credit card debt or medical terms or underestimate or overestimating the valuation of an asset are pricey mistakes. Correcting such an error will require another legal proceeding and cost you money to fix that. It is essential to get a lawyer to help you with the process to avoid such pitfalls.

Binding and clear agreement

paperThe court may not understand your reasoning behind the submissions but having an attorney will cut the chase and clear the case faster for you. Also, having an attorney will free the case from errors or lack of clarity and move things quickly in the right direction.

An Introduction To The Workers’ Compensation Law


There are a plethora of confusing and complicated legal terms that get tossed around when discussing the Workers’ Compensation law. The in-depth, actual meaning of terms like double indemnity, actuarial computation, statutory benefits, or earning capacity do not represent the necessary information you will have to master when seeking appropriate financial compensation for the injuries that you have suffered at your workplace.

However, to make these things clear and increase your chances of winning that compensation, you should seek a workers’ compensation attorney, who not only perfectly understands all the workers’ compensation concepts but is also capable of putting them to good use. Aside from hiring a good attorney, you should also familiarize yourself a bit with the worker’s compensation with the help of a MnLawyerUp’s guide.

The basics of Workers’ Compensation

law logoSimply put, the Worker’s Compensation Law is a set of rules and regulations which state that an employer must provide insurance to the employees who are injured on the job. The law provides these employees with the following:

  • A temporary job until they fully recover.
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Coverage for the medical expenses.
  • Compensation for the lost work time and wages.
  • Benefits in the case of death.

The primary goal of the Workers’ Compensation Law is to provide the fastest, healthiest and safest road of recovery for injured employees so that they can go back to performing their jobs at the same level they were before suffering injuries.

It protects employers too

This law also protects the businesses, and the employer’s from suffering staggering financial losses due to expensive lawsuits. Instead of engaging in costly and lengthy court proceedings, the majority of workers’ compensation cases are solved off-court, in an administrative tribunal. This way, the risk of the company being sued is lessened, and the employees can return to their workplaces sooner.

Workers’ Compensation Law vs. Personal Injury Law

It is important to note that negligence does not play a major role in the area of Workers’ compensation, as opposed to the Personal Injury law. An injured employee does not have to prove their employer’s guilt. Instead, the only thing they have to prove is that they were injured while performing their jobs. If an employee is hurt while on the job, they are entitled to compensation. It doesn’t matter if someone behaved irresponsibly or if it is someone’s fault. This is exactly why almost all business enterprises are required to be properly insured.

Filing a claim

Of course, filing a successful claim is not as simple and cut and dry as it might seem.

law logoIn many cases, insurance companies try to “force” the injured employees into accepting low or insufficient offers. They try to do this by arguing that the injury did not occur at the workplace, that it was pre-existing, or by listing much cheaper medical expenses. Even though insurance companies are paid to cover the costs of work-related injuries, they are still known to use shady tactics to find various loopholes within the system. This is exactly why you need to have an experienced attorney by your side if you want to stand a chance against big insurance companies.

A good attorney will know how to deal with insurance companies and their tactics and will do their best to ensure that you get an appropriate compensation.